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APPLE MONKEY Organic Rice Cracker Blueberry Strawberry 30g
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Brand Apple Monkey
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Apple Monkey Organic Rice Cracker 30g


When your baby start crawling, his gum may feel itchy. He tries to bite everything around him. In this period, it's time for your baby to try some healthy finger food which has a mild flavour and soft texture. Your baby will practice how to grab, smell a new thing and learn a new taste which is called self-feeding. This way can help him soothe his gum and pick some healthy snack by himself. 

What's so special about Apple Monkey Organic Rice Cracker?
This healthy snack is made from Organic Thai Jasmine Rice and local ingredients. This products contain DHA-Omega 3 which adds DHA from Tuna. 

Organic Jasmine Rice (79.93%), Organic Tapioca Starch (14.60%), Organic Sugar (7.50 %), Corn (2.95%), Salt (0.88%), Tocopherol (Soy)(0.04 %)