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Anmum Essential Step 3 Honey 550g
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Anmum Essential Step 3 Honey 550g

For children 1 year old and above, Your child is born with 100 billion brain cells but not all are connected. Brain cell connections are the foundation for learning as your child builds a pool of knowledge through his experiences. Help your child to maximise his brain cells connections for faster learning. The new improved Anmum Essential™ is specially formulated to support the nutrition needs of your child through the growing up stage and contains important nutrients as follows:

DHA is found in the brain.
Both FOS and Inulin act as the dietary fibres. It is important for your child to have a good intestinal environment for effective absorption of nutrients.
Iron: Helps in formation of red blood cells.
Zinc: Essential for growth.
Vitamin A: For skin health and essential for the functioning of the eye.
Vitamin C: For iron absorption.
Vitamin E: Protects the fat in body tissues from oxidation.
Anmum Essential™ has absolutely no added sugars.